Getting Ready for Maker Faire

This is crunch time! Maker Faire Detroit is only 2 weeks away. This is where it all started for us. 4 years ago we had an idea, we made a little 4 piece laser cut rubber band gun kit, a 40 cal kit and a 1911 kit and took them to maker faire. Not knowing how it would go we only made a small amount. The first day we sold out! So we went home that night, called in reinforcements and made more kits all night long, only to sell out the next day! 

For this reason Maker Faire is very special to us, and we cannot wait to show you guys our new kits. Every year we have had new designs, and more inventory.  We have a couple new designs again this year as well as some old designs that we are bringing with us this year. 

Our goal this year was to streamline the kits and make them easier to assemble but still function well, and look awesome. We would love feedback after the fair on how you builds are going. 

We will have a first ever clearance section this year. We have a lot of older designs leftover from last years shows and they will be discounted to make room in our shop for all the new designs in the works. 

See you all in 2 weeks!